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Information on the Jefferies of Grantsville, Utah

by James L. Wrathall II, a neighbor

On William Jefferies:

Although I have no personal knowledge of William, I have read about some of his activities in a history of Grantsville from 1850 to 1950. [Alma A. Gardiner's BYU thesis, The Founding and Development of Grantsville, Utah 1850 -1950, pub. 1984 in Grantsville].

On William Ould Jefferies:

In a letter my grandfather, James L. Wrathall, wrote from his mission on Sept. 21, 1887, he said the following:
Remember me to all the folks, Bro. Jeffres & Bro. Rydalch, family. Willie Jiffries is here now and all right."
The letter has only "Mormon Settlement" as its address, but James also said he and his associates were in the area of Viola and Viroqua, Wisconsin in November 1887.

On Richard Jefferies:

I do have some knowledge of Richard. He was the bishop of the 1st Ward during the 1920s, so I saw a lot of him at church. He lived in a house on Clark Street, with his wife and their two daughters, Jennie and Frances. Frances was my age, and we went through 12 years of school together. He was a tall, slender man, and I don't recall if he had any facial hair. He seemed to be respected and liked by the people. He lived near the Rydalches, and Richard's son Calbert lived on Picadilly lane.

On Henry Jefferies:

I recall living across Cooley street from Henry and Edith, who moved to SLC in 1934. Their children were Lola, Ila, Fanny and Gene. Henry's daughter Lola was briefly married to Sam Flinders, a son of John T. Flinders and the union produced a son named Kay. The last I heard of of Kay is that in about 1995 I saw a notice in the San Mateo times that he was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. There is a listing in the phone book in Redwood City of a K. L. Flinders, that may be Kay. Henry worked at the Salt Plant in Burmester in the 1920s. To me, a small boy, he seemed to be quite strict. The two boys, Gene and Kay (Kay and his mother were living there) seemed to be a little afraid of him. I don't know why, as he was always pleasant to me. He was second counselor to the bishop from 1930 until 1934 when they moved to Salt Lake City. In 1937-38 my first year at the University of Utah I lived with Henry and Edith. I think the address was 221 M street. Ila and Fannie and Gene lived there, but Lola had married a man named Cranney, and they and Kay had moved to Idaho.

Information on the Jefferies of Grantsville, Utah

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