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Poem written by William Jefferies

This is a poem written by William Jefferies in 1856 to honor a fellow saint who was emigrating to Utah.

The poem has been passed down through William Ould Jefferies, Alta Ann Jefferies, and Donna Williams and is now in possesion of Donna's daughters Ila, Luanne, and Gayle.

A few Lines to a Brother about to Emigrate

To leave the land where nature gave us birth
Our choice above all others on the Earth
Where first our Infant Eyes beheld the light
And parents gazed with rapture and delight
Upon our helpless innocence and smiled
Caress'd and kiss'd their lovely darling Child
Where first our Infant voices prattl'd forth
Their simple tones round the domestic hearth
Where childhood's hours were spend in joyous glee
While playing romping clung to Father's knee
Where Boyhood's days in healthful sports were spent
As from the village school our course we bent
Where youthful years with their increasing ties
Fled swift as Eagles soring to the skies
Where happy scenes were pass'd which mem'ry brings
That long have fled away on time's fleet wings
Where some of those with whom our youth were pass'd
Lie 'neath the turf and mingle with the dust
Which makes our native birth place seem more dear
And from us almost draws the paring tear
To leave this fav'rite spot not to return
Wakes feelings which within us strongly burn
But feelings stronger doth inspire your heart
From Bab'lons evils you will soon depart
To join your Brethren on that chosen Land
Enrich'd and bless'd by our own Father's hand
Eternal life you go for to obtain
The presence of our Father to regain
May you and those with whom you have been bless'd
Ride safely o'er the Ocean's foaming Breats
And when on Mountain have up lifted high
May guardian Angels then to you draw nigh
And rule the winds and waves that you may glide
In safety to its much lov'd favor'd tide
Success attend you all your journey through
Heav'ns richest blessing be outpour'd on you
While crossing seas and the wide prairee lawn
At ev'ning's close also at morning's dawn
I will remember you in humble prayer
To heav'n that you may have a goodly share
Of Zion's spirit holy pure and free
That you may all, together happy be
Your destination my you safely reach
Hear Prophets and Apostles freely teach
Pure principles and the celestial law
Of heav'n, which to then there doth freely flow
Receive your blessings and anointed be
Seal'd up for time and all eternity
To those our Father doth unto you give
Also eternal life may you receive
When in your Mountain home remember me
To heav'n that I may shortly gather'd be
To Zion's much lov'd fertile sacred land
There meet and greet you with a kindred hand
And then together opens remaining years
Far from old Bab'lon's strife and doubts and fears
Assist the Temple's of our Lord to build
Whose splendor shall surprise the won'dring world
And build up Zion and her Cities rear
That when Messiah doth on earth appear
We may be found amongst that chosen band
That shall with him upon mount Zion stand
With him partake the glorious Marriage feast
With him enjoy the great Millennial rest
With all the faithful there united be
Enjoy celestial life eternally.

William Jefferies

Mr. James Hart
Oct. 18th, 1856

Poem written by William Jefferies

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