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Andy Peterson’s speech at Bonnie Helen Peterson's funeral

Bonnie Jefferies died on September 11 in her home in St George, Utah.
Her funeral was held in Salt Lake City on September 14.

Her cousin Andy Peterson made the following speech:

I would like to share with all of you today a few thoughts that keep coming to mind since John asked me to say a few words today.

When I picture Bonnie my first thought was her smile and the twinkle in her eye. That was my fix. Whether it was at 3 am in the morning meeting us at the train depot here in Salt Lake or driving up her drive way as she tended her roses, her smiling face as she greeted me with a hug was a joy I will never forget.

Two weeks ago, my wife Valerie and I were driving with some cousins in Sweden. We were near the place where our great grand parents lived before coming to Utah. As we passed a hotel complex our cousin Bengt told about when Bonnie and John had visited them a few years ago and they had driven past the same location. There is a huge neon sign on the side of the hotel that says "BAD HOTELL" Bonnie laughed and wanted to know why they would advertise a bad hotel. In Swedish BAD means bath and the hotel was a spa with mineral springs and such. The rest of the trip they had fun looking for hotels that were BAD.

About ten years ago Bonnie came to our home in California for a visit. We had planned a number of things to do during her 4 day stay. The evening before her arrival we received a call from “Otto” a family friend from Germany. He was in San Francisco, his 80 year old mother who had accompanied him had suffered a stroke just before landing and was in the hospital in San Mateo. He had decided at the last minute to visit us. I picked up Bonnie the next morning at the Oakland airport. Our immediate concern was the status of Mrs. Traub. Over the next 2 days Bonnie, my wife Valerie, and I shuttled back and forth between home and the hospital getting a plan to handle the situation. On the second day the attending doctor cleared Mrs. Traub to fly to Germany under the care of a nurse. Valerie being a nurse got the job. She would accompany the patient to Frankfort, and return on the same plane two hours after landing. Bonnie and I had driven the group to the airport from the hospital in a rental van. Returning home to Santa Rosa we had a flat tire on the van. I pulled off the freeway, had no spare tire, called the rental company and we waited for help. As we sat by the side of the road talking I remember Bonnie saying. "This is not what I expected but we sure had fun".

I will always remember Bonnie for the fun we had together in many different situations.

Let me close by saying: Mourning is a wonderful expression of love. The only way to take the feelings of sorrow away from the passing of Bonnie is to rejoice in the love we experienced with her during her life.

Andy Peterson’s speech at Bonnie Helen Peterson's funeral

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